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How do I register a nickname?

To register a nick simply type "/msg nickserv REGISTER password [email]".

How do I register a channel?

If you are channel operator (have @ by your name) you can register it by typing "/MSG ChanServ REGISTER #channel password description".

How do I set up my channel to automatically give ops or voice to certain users when they join?

AnonNet supports 5 levels of user. These are:

  • Owner - This is the person that owns the channel. They can carry out all channel functions
  • Admin - This is an administrator of a channel and is set using the command "/msg chanserv SOP #channel add nick". Admins generally aid the Owner in the running of the channel and can create new operators, half operators and voice as well as use all the commands of the operator.
  • Operator - These users are generally responsible for the moderation of the channel and users can be added using the command "/msg chanserv AOP #channel add nick". Channel operators can ban and kick users and set channel modes.
  • Half-operator - These users aid the operators in the moderation of the channel and users can be added using the command "/msg chanserv HOP #channel add nick". Channel half-operators can ban and kick users.

How do I find an IRC operator?

If you require assistance from an IRC operator, you can use one of the following methods to find an online operator:

  • Use the /helpop command to send a message to all online opers (you will need to prefix your message with an exclamation point as in this example in order to force it as a notice and not a help request to the IRCD's online documentation system): /HELPOP !Hi. I think I've discovered a botnet using this network. Could someone please contact me? (note that some IRC clients will require that you use /QUOTE HELPOP instead of /HELPOP)
  • Join the #help channel and ask/look for an oper who is present and non-idle.

How long does it take for a nickname to expire with NickServ?

On AnonNet, our nickname expiration time is set to 60 days. This means that if a nickname is not used within 60 days, it will be unregistered and become available for others to register. Once a nickname expires, it is no longer yours and we will not return it to you. It is up to you to reregister it before somebody else gets it.

How do I recover a lost NickServ password?

If you have lost your NickServ password please contact an IRC Operator using the above method.

I keep getting disconnected with the message "Ping timeout." What is this?

On IRC, the IRC server needs to receive a command from your client every so often in order to convince the server that your connection is still "alive." When you talk, join channels, or do other things, you are sending commands to the server. When you are idle, your client and the server carry out a sort of "keepalive". The server sends a PING command to your client, and your client replies with a PONG. In short, "Ping timeout" means that the server hasn't received any commands from your client in a while and is assuming your connection is dead.

This can be caused by several things. Generally, they are network-related difficulties. The problem could exist somewhere on the Internet between you and the IRC server, or it could be a problem with the IRC server's Internet connection.

If all else fails, try picking a different server.

How long does it take a channel registration to expire?

When a channel goes unused for 30 days, ChanServ will expire the channel. The channel and all data associated with it will be purged from ChanServ's database. When this happens, the channel founder is no longer owner of the channel and the channel is available for registration again.

A channel is deemed unused when certain activities are not happening. Every time an auto-op takes place in a channel, the idle "timer" on the channel resets. This activity is currently the only means by which ChanServ determines whether a channel is active or not.

WARNING: If you are a channel founder who prefers to not use auto-op, and instead use the OP command when necessary, you will need to maintain at least one nickname with auto-op access, and you will need to deop yourself when joining if you do not wish to retain channel operator status. Without an auto-op taking place once every 30 days, your channel's ChanServ registration WILL expire.

ALSO NOTE: NickServ and ChanServ are closely linked. If the NickServ nickname registration listed as FOUNDER of any channel expires, the ChanServ channel registration will expire unless there is a SUCCESSOR listed in the channel's ChanServ registration. To set a channel successor, use ChanServ's SET SUCCESSOR command (/MSG ChanServ HELP SET SUCCESSOR). For more information on how and when nickname registrations with NickServ expire, please see the FAQ entry "How long does it take for a nickname to expire with NickServ?".

Why is my connection to AnonNet refused with "AKILLed" or "K-lined" messages?

An AKILL or K-line is a network-wide ban, disallowing the targeted user from connecting to the network. AKILLs are placed against users abusing the network (cloning, flooding, harassment, akill evasion and other means). If you believe the AKILL against you is in error, or have questions about it, email an IRC operator. Do not attempt to circumvent the AKILL, as this will only worsen the situation.

Does AnonNet offer a BotServ?

Yes. To get a bot assigned to your channel type "/msg botserv ASSIGN #channel botnick". You can veiw the list of available bots with "/msg botserv BOTLIST"

How do I get ChanServ to join my channel?

On AnonNet, ChanServ does not join registered channels. You can, however, assign a bot to your channel using BotServ.

How do I link nicknames with NickServ?

By using NickServ's GROUP command, you can link together multiple nicknames into a "nickgroup." All of your ChanServ, NickServ, and MemoServ data is shared between all linked nicknames. This means, among other things, that if one of your nicknames in your nickgroup has auto-op access on a channel, so do all the other nicknames.

You can group a nick by typing /msg nickserv GROUP oldnick password

Does AnonNet offer virtual hosts (vhosts) to users?

Yes. You can request a vhost by typing /msg hostserv REQUEST

Why does NickServ say my nickname isn't in use when the server says it is?

This is the result of a peculiar distinction NickServ makes. NickServ only indicates that a nickname is not in use when a user is not online from that nickname. If NickServ is holding the nickname as part of identity enforcement, it does not see that as being a use of the nickname.

When this situation occurs, you type "/msg NickServ RELEASE [nickname] [password]"
This will release Services' hold on the nickname and allow you to change to it.

How do I connect with SSL?

Our SSL port is 6697. You can connect via SSL using mirc. Instructions | DLL Download